51 Pegasi

Star details
  • Constellation: the Winged Horse
  • Vmag: 5.5
  • Visibility: Visible to the naked eye
  • Number of planets: 1
  • Namable: Yes
Proposed names
51 Pegasi 51 Pegasi b
This name has been choosen by the yougest children (3 to 8 years old) from the French Astronomy Kids Festival, called Astro-jeunes. They discussed during one morning on the name they want to give to a planet outside our Solar System, and they voted for Prantriguse. There is no special meaning behind this name, that is probably why the kids elected this name.
PRANTRIGUSE b (sign in to vote)
51 Pegasi
No need to rename a well known star.
Epicurus (sign in to vote)
Sanskrit Name.
Samba (sign in to vote)
Helvetios is a word of Latin origin and essentially means “the Helvetian”. Because the term is derived from the Latin it is easy to pronounce in many languages. The Helvetians were a Celtic tribe and lived north of the Alps in the territory of present Switzerland. Due to the fact that the exosystem was discovered by Swiss citizens and we want to name it Helvetios (Swiss), we believe that the name fits in a dual way.
Dimidium (sign in to vote)
It's because Chrysaor as well as Pegasus was born out of Medusa's blood at the time she was killed by Perseus.
Hydrogen (sign in to vote)
Jiguang "吉光" is the name of legendary horse appears in Chinese mythology that is a symbol of good luck . Since Jiguang is a very rare animal , so the Chinese idiom use "A piece of feather from Jiguang" "吉光片羽" to describe some extremely rare documents or artifacts.
Matafeiyan (sign in to vote)
The Planet orbits 51 pegasi fast, that the planet looks like a carousel.
carousel (sign in to vote)
Starry Bunnies
Like a bunny and a tortoise.
Tortoise (sign in to vote)
“Pegasusfeather” was thought out by 7-8 years old children. This star locates near Pegasus constellation. “Pegasusfeather” expresses aspect the spread feathers from Pegasus.
soryolen (sign in to vote)
abc2 (sign in to vote)
The greek God of the winds. Winds are common on a planet with an atmosphere and can characterize its habitability depending on their strength.
Aeolos (sign in to vote)
“Umisachi” is called “Umisachihiko” for short. A god of Japanese ancient myth, who created resources obtained from sea.
Yamasachi (sign in to vote)
Planet details

    51 Pegasi b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 0.47
  • Mass (Earths): 148.7
  • Period (days): 4.23
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.052