Errai (gamma Cephei)

Star details
  • Constellation: the King
  • Vmag: 3.2
  • Visibility: Visible to the naked eye
  • Number of planets: 1
  • Namable: No
Proposed names
Errai (gamma Cephei) gamma Cephei b
Hoffleit (sign in to vote)
Walcamya (sign in to vote)
Knight's Son (sign in to vote)
Abdita (sign in to vote)
Palmyra (sign in to vote)
Kharoof (sign in to vote)
Planet details

    gamma Cephei b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 1.85
  • Mass (Earths): 588.0
  • Period (days): 903.3
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 2.05