47 Ursae Majoris

Star details
  • Constellation: the Great Bear
  • Vmag: 5.1
  • Visibility: Visible to the naked eye
  • Number of planets: 2
  • Namable: Yes
Proposed names
47 Ursae Majoris 47 Ursae Majoris b 47 Ursae Majoris c
Kame is "turtle" in Japanese. Kame is one of the most popular animals and the symbol of long life and good luck in Japan.
Turu Koi (sign in to vote)
The first university in the world was in Morocco and its name is Al Qarawiyyin
Jadiri Rudani (sign in to vote)
Japanese traditional food Udon has a characteristic ''long ''
soba houtou (sign in to vote)
Baal, as a Phoenician god, was the supreme god of the Carthaginians.
Tanit Melkart (sign in to vote)
Alaa al-Din Ali ibn-Ibrahim Ibn-al-Shatir born and died in Damascus (Syria), (1305-1375), was the most distinguished Muslim astronomer of the 14th century. His most significant contribution to astronomy was his planetary theory. In his planetary models, Ibn-al-Shaṭir incorporated various ingenious modifications of those of Ptolemy. Also, with the reservation that they are geocentric, his models are the same as a number used by Copernicus. Ibn-al-Shatir’s planetary theory was investigated for the first time in the 1950s, and the discovery that his models were mathematically identical to those of Copernicus raised the very interesting question of a possible transmission of his planetary theory to Europe. In "Nihayat al‐sul fi taṣḥiḥ al‐uṣul" (A final inquiry concerning the rectification of planetary theory), Ibn-al-Shaṭir presented the reasoning behind his new planetary models. The essence of Ibn-al-Shaṭir's planetary theory is the apparent removal of the eccentric deferent and equant of the Ptolemaic models, with secondary epicycles used instead. Finally, Ibn-al-Shaṭir's "al‐Zij al‐jadid" (The new astronomical handbook), extant in several manuscript copies, contains a new set of planetary tables based on his new theory and parameters. Several works by the scholars of the mid‐13th century observatory at Maragha are mentioned in Ibn-a-Shatir’s introduction to this treatise, and it is clear that these were the main sources of inspiration for his own Non‐Ptolemaic planetary models. Ibn-al-Shatir designed and constructed a magnificent horizontal sundial that was erected on the northern minaret of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.
Aklim Ayour (sign in to vote)
2015 is the 150th Anniversary of the Cervino’s first ascent. Cervino (Matterhorn in English and in German) is a 4478 meters hight mountain in the Alps, on the border between Switzerland and Italy.
Whymper Carrel (sign in to vote)
Highest mountain peak in Albania.
ERIADA YLLIRICUM (sign in to vote)
It derived from the names of places that exist in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
JOSO α JOSO β (sign in to vote)
Named for the oldest term attributed to the island of Great Britain, invoked by poets and writers to refer to the notion of far-away lands and “the world above”, and tied to notions of exploration and new encounters.
Paramour Endeavour (sign in to vote)
The place of Shirotori legend. Shirotori legend is a tale of love in Japanese mythology (Nihonshoki). "Atsu" means "hot" in Japanese.
Miyasuhime Shirotori (sign in to vote)
Because this name symbolizes "faith without the hesitation", it is naming that I expect that I bundle up two planets and build stable planetary system.
Roki Muspellzheimr (sign in to vote)
Virvatuli means marsh light in Finnish thus being a suitable name for a distant, dim light calling us towards it. Maybe we might find a treasure there...
Terrakoti Lintukoto (sign in to vote)
Finnish word "Päivä", meaning present "day" and in past also "the Sun".
Aamu Ilta (sign in to vote)
"TOKIWA" is the name of the park with a beauteful lake in Ube City at west Japan. The meaning of "TOKIWA" represents the forever ground in Japanese.
SACHI EGAO (sign in to vote)
To honor the 70th anniversary of the victory in the World War II, we suggest naming the star and its planets after songs and melodies, which had become popular during the war time. The star name is the name of the Rosamunde polka written by Czech composer Jaromír Vejvoda in 1927.
Rio Rita (sign in to vote)
Lord Chalawan was a large, powerful and aggressive crocodile made invulnerable by the magic of his crystal tooth. His lair was an underwater cave in the town of Phichit. The cave had an enchanted crystal that turned Lord Chalawan into a human when he was in the cave. Lord Chalawan abducted Taphao Thong and took her to his cave. He was later defeated by Krai Thong.
Taphao Thong Taphao Kaew (sign in to vote)
Location of 47 Ursae Majoris star  is between the first and the second of the three leaps of the Gazelle (three pais of stars representing the feet of great bear). In respect of the ancient arab tradition (Middle Ages), our naming proposal for star 47 Ursae Majoris is : GHAZALA (Arabic name of Gazelle) Ghazala is also the Swahili name of Gazelle.
GHAZALEG GHAZALIG (sign in to vote)
Planet details

    47 Ursae Majoris b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 2.53
  • Mass (Earths): 804.1
  • Period (days): 1078.0
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 2.1

    47 Ursae Majoris c

  • Mass (Jupiters): 0.54
  • Mass (Earths): 171.6
  • Period (days): 2391.0
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 3.6