PSR 1257+12

Star details
  • Constellation: the Maiden
  • Vmag:
  • Visibility:
  • Number of planets: 3
  • Namable: Yes
Proposed names
PSR 1257+12 PSR 1257+12 d PSR 1257+12 b PSR 1257+12 c
Shining star in my day and my life.
Princess Eniale Planet Enizinha Planet Eni (sign in to vote)
Pulsars, like PSR 1257+12, are highly magnetized neutron stars, i.e. the end product of very massive stars that died in a violent explosion; a supernova. In other words pulsars are the corpses of a once massive stars which simply "refuse to die": even though the star is technically dead (no nuclear fusion) the pulsar still emits electromagnetic radiation. It can be considered undead, or a zombie „star". A lich is an undead character in fantasy fiction, oftentimes depicted with a skeletal body. In addition, lichs also hold power over other undead creatures. As the pulsar is undead, „skeletal" in form (after all the only thing that remains is the core of the former star) and it holds power over the other planets (because the planets are bound in an orbit around the pulsar) „Lich“ might be an adequate name to describe this stellar cor(ps)e.
Phobetor Draugr Poltergeist (sign in to vote)
Gravitas is one of the virtues of ancient Roman culture. It was intended as the quality of reliable people, and it derives from the Latin term for weight. A neutron star like PSR 1257+12 certainly has a remarkable gravitas.
Trivia Antevorta Postvorta (sign in to vote)
This planetary system was discovered in 1992 and the fixed star of this planetary system rotates very fast. It was in 1992 that the Shinkansen “Nozomi” started running. "Nozomi" means hope in Japanese. The Shinkansen in Japan is one of the most popular high speed railways in the world. Also the Shinkansen’s high speed suits the qualities of this fixed star. We named the planets after the names of shinkansen in Japan.
Hikari Sakura Komachi (sign in to vote)
no Meidar no (sign in to vote)
Astrea or Dice
In Greek mythology, goddess of justice. [The name Astraea (an alternate spelling) is already being used for a minor planet, so it was unclear to us whether Astrea or its other variant Astraeia would be acceptable. Since she was also known as Dice (an accepted spelling variant of Dike) this would be our second choice if Astrea or Astraeia are rejected - see remarks].
Hesychia Eunomia Eirene (sign in to vote)
Photo is the Greek word for light. Since it is a pulsar that releases two beams of light, Photo would be suitable as a name that emphasizes the beams of light the pulsar emits.
Lofío Xekiní̱ste Amydrós (sign in to vote)
Justification: The star and the planets are named after characters in Tove Jansson’s book “Moominpappa at Sea”. In the novel, the Moomin family leaves the Moomin Valley to take residence on a small, desolate island featuring a prominent lighthouse. Pulsars, like PSR 1257+12, can be seen as Nature’s galactic lighthouses. The star is thus proposed to be named “Fyren”, Swedish for “The Lighthouse”. The three planets of the pulsar are then named after other main characters: The innermost planet “Lillamy” after “Lilla My” (“Little My” in English), smaller and quicker than the others. In the middle “Mumin” (“Moomintrollet”), a central character binding together the story. And then the outsider “Mårran” (“The Groke”), slowly orbiting the island and observing the developments from afar. Tove Jansson (1914-2001) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author best known for her Moomin books for children.
Mumin Mårran Lillamy (sign in to vote)
Regina apis
Regina apis is Latin. Meaning of the queen bee. It was named from where it seems to be reigning in the center of the swarm. In addition, the needle with the bees, the image of a sharp pulse of PSR1257 + 12.
Punica malus Tillia Laurus (sign in to vote)
Name of the greedy king of the Fanes people in the Ladin legend of Dolasila. He eventually betrayed his people and was transformed into rock for his evil deeds.
Spina de Mul Dolasila Luianta (sign in to vote)
The gods punish those mortals that show hubris, the quality of excessive pride and self confidence. Hubris is a pulsar sending out an intense blast of radio energy that bathes its planets in punishing radiation with each pulse.
Icaria Gymnasia Musica (sign in to vote)
Rock'n'Roll Star
A rhythmically dancing star that has Rockie, Andie and Rollie
Rockie Andie Rollie (sign in to vote)
Shumba – Lion in Shona We chose to name the star after the lion because the star is crucial to the system, it is the dominant object as everything else in the system revolves around it. The same can be said for a lion in the wild, it is at the top of the food chain, the ‘king of the jungle’. We also felt that the lion’s mane could be descriptive of the radiation emitted by the star.
Chui Ndlovu Linare (sign in to vote)
Planet details

    PSR 1257+12 d

  • Mass (Jupiters): 0.01
  • Mass (Earths): 3.8
  • Period (days): 98.21
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.46

    PSR 1257+12 b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 7.0e-05
  • Mass (Earths): 0.022
  • Period (days): 25.26
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.19

    PSR 1257+12 c

  • Mass (Jupiters): 0.01
  • Mass (Earths): 4.1
  • Period (days): 66.54
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.36