HD 104985

Star details
  • Constellation: the Giraffe
  • Vmag: 5.8
  • Visibility: Faint to the naked eye
  • Number of planets: 1
  • Namable: Yes
Proposed names
HD 104985 HD 104985 b
Giraffe point
This star is one of the corner stars of the Giraffe.This star is the mouth or nose of the Giraffe.This stars is a sixth magnitude star.It can also be seen sometimes with the neked eye.Since the Constellation lines are not of few completed,I'd like the suggest this name.Even though this Constellation is not as famous as Orion and Scopio, I hope many people will learn about this Constellation through this project.I would be very happy if the name "Giraffe point" were selected and many people used this name.
Jafpot (sign in to vote)
オプロトス (sign in to vote)
"Goban" is plate to use when you hit the "go". "Go" is a board game involving two players, its name mean "encircling game" .
Fuseki (sign in to vote)
The word means "peach" in ancient Greek. The Okayama Astrophysical Observatory which found HD 104985b locates at Okayama prefecture in Japan, where is a famous production area of peaches.
Kuon (sign in to vote)
Kurepi is a simple anagram created from the name of the Greek philosopher Epicurus (German: Epikur). Epicurus expands the horizon of human beings by focusing on the vastness of the universe. The negligible role our existence plays should not scare us, but we should concentrate more on how to succeed in life and how to organize the coming day. The suggested name therefore stands for scientific awareness and consequential moralities.
Keposkurepi (sign in to vote)
Abu Yusuf Yaqub Ibn-Ishaq al-Kindi, born in Kufa (Iraq), and died in Baghdad (Iraq) - (800-870) - was a pivotal figure in the transmission of greek science into the Islamic World. A polymath, he left approximately 260 treatises on various scientific and philosophical subjects, including optics, astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, medicine, music, and metaphysics. Kindi arrived in Baghdad, the capital of the Islamic Realm, during the reign of the Abbassides Caliph Mamun, when the Greco-Arabic translation movement was in its early stages. Although he is remembered primarily as "the philosopher of the Arabs", Kindi was active in many areas of scientific research. His work is significant in the history of astronomy. He founded the philosophical program of study, centering on the works of Aristotle, without which the pursuit of Greek‐inspired astronomy, and the many contributions made by islamic theoretical astronomers, would have been impossible. He taught that philosophical knowledge can be acquired only through years of sustained study. Kindi began the systematic formulation of a scientific arabic terminology based on greek concepts. This idiom formed the groundwork for the later philosophical and scientific contributions of Farabi, Ibn-Sina, Ghazali, Ibn-Rushd, and others. And through latin translations of the 12th century, Kindi's influence also extended into Europe.
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IHATOV means a utopia named by MIYAZAWA Kenji (1896-1933), who is a famous Japanese poet and author of children’s literature. He was born in Iwate-prefecture and wrote a beautiful and impressive children’s literature, “Ginga Tetsudo No Yoru (Night on the Galactic Railroad)”. The name of IHATOV might originate in an Esperanto-way modified name of “Iwate” prefecture where he lived.
KOHAKU (sign in to vote)
momocchi & uracchi is the mascot character of Okayama-ken where Okayama Astrophysical Observatory exists and is the most popular mascot character by Okayama-ken. momocchi is derived from Momotarou of Momotarou legend. uracchi is derived from the demon Momotarou defeated. But momocchi & uracchi is the inside good friend. A suggestion of momocchi & uracchi gets approval of Okayama-ken agency.
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Planet details

    HD 104985 b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 6.3
  • Mass (Earths): 2002.3
  • Period (days): 198.2
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.78