HD 149026

Star details
  • Constellation: the Hercules
  • Vmag: 8.2
  • Visibility: Visible through binocular
  • Number of planets: 1
  • Namable: Yes
Proposed names
HD 149026 HD 149026 b
This name was named from a plant called austrocylindropuntia. This plant is a kind of cactus, and it is called “shogun” in Japanese. Shogun means a leader of samurai. A shogun was dignified and he had a big heart. This star is heavy, bright, and big. Therefore, I think “shogun” and this star are similar.
Cycla (sign in to vote)
I name more than Jiyaianto Baba(1938-1999) of a famous pro wrestler worldwide. The first Japanese's NWA heavyweight champion.
Jumbotsuruta (sign in to vote)
Ogmios est un dieu de la mythologie celtique gauloise . C'est un champion à la grande force physique représentant typique de la fonction guerrière indo-européenne. Souvent assimilé à Hercule. Ogmios is a god of the Gallic Celtic mythology. He is a champion in great physical strength typical representative of the Indo-European warrior function. Often likened to Hercules.
Smertrios (sign in to vote)
In old greek mitology, bisones' king, blinded by Hecuba
Hecuba (sign in to vote)
It was named from characters Yamato Takeru -no-mikoto Japanese mythology
KUSANAGI (sign in to vote)
Planet details

    HD 149026 b

  • Mass (Jupiters): 0.36
  • Mass (Earths): 113.1
  • Period (days): 2.88
  • Semi Major Axis (AU): 0.04288